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Hospital Update!

We’re two months into construction and what an experience it’s been! When we first started this journey, we were aiming to be open by mid-summer… then end of August…then mid-September…then end of September….If you’ve ever been part of a construction project, you probably know the odds of finishing “on time” are slim to none and let us tell you that waiting really is the hardest part!

Though construction is approximately 75-80% done, it still feels far from complete. But, every week, we see more and more of our dream take shape. For weeks now, we've been staring at the design board and wondering when those pieces would be laid into our dream. Up until now, all the work has been behind the scenes. But, finally! Some of the cosmetic finishes are coming to fruition.

This week, the cabinets were installed! That really helped define the space and gave us a much better idea of how much space is remaining. We went with a dark brown with grey undertones and they look great!

The ceiling layout was laid and the walls were sanded, primed and painted. Given the wall cleaning that may be required in the future, we went ahead and paid the big bucks for Benjamin Moore's Scuff-X paint. Fingers crossed it holds up!

Next week is going to be crazy! Counter tops are going in as well as the ceiling tiles and floors! We're also going to start getting equipment delivered, so everything is really going to take shape. The estimated completion date is next Friday, September 13.

The countdown is on... who thinks it will finish on time?!

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SO happy that you are coming to our area of town! Can't wait till you are officially open and I can have a dedicated Doc for my Poodle, Misty. The office looks great!


Joel Tate
Joel Tate
Sep 08, 2019

Looks great so far!

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