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Health & Wellness


Personalized Medical Care

We practice individualized medical care which will often require annual or bi-annual office visits depending on your pet's needs. 


Our wellness appointments include a complete, thorough, hands-on physical examination from nose to tail.  We believe this is one of the most important aspects of medicine as, often times, this alone provides the base of which other diagnostics will stem from.  Vaccinations are an integral part of individual and also herd immunity that will be addressed at your pet's wellness visit. 


Every pet's needs are different and, after discussion, together we will choose the vaccines and schedule that are best for your pet's specific situation.  In conjunction with our in-house annual heartworm and fecal testing, we’ll verify that your pet is being properly protected by their monthly preventative product.  If necessary, we may suggest additional blood testing for diagnosing new conditions, monitoring existing conditions or to verify that any drug therapies are not causing complications.

Other Wellness Services

  • Nutritional Counseling

  • Behavioral Health

  • Senior Care

  • In-House and Online Pharmacy

  • Nail Trims

  • Ear Cleaning

  • Suture Removal

  • Hospice, Euthanasia and Cremation Services

  • Birth Assistance and C-Sections

  • Microchipping

  • Domestic and International Health Certificates

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